Born in the 70’s. Raised in rural Oklahoma, as well as parts of New Mexico and Colorado, on a horse racing farm. At a very young age, with the influence of my Bohemian mother and my nomadic grandparents, I fell for the art of using a camera to explore other cultures; this is where I can say my Huck Finn sense of adventure for the outdoors began. My mother’s hippie fashion sense and the introduction to many rock concerts, clearly, influenced my deep appreciation of all music and enhanced my taste for the chicer sense. My grandparents leading me all over the country with horses, has made me the adaptable person I am with a drive to travel to all seven continents.

I did grow up, go to college, become a nurse, and eventually I received a master’s degree. So, yes…I am a nurturer, a dreamer, a recorder of images. After becoming a nurse and working in war torn countries in Africa and post Tsunami Asia, as well as being a first responder during disasters, I wanted to capture the timeless moments through my lens. These tastes of photojournalism lead me to portraiture, people, and fashion as I continued to evolve and grow. My love for science fused with still life art, along with the impact of farm living with a garden, drove my desire to photograph food in its many forms.

My infatuation with photography and light is a daily mantra; often wishing my eye could be a camera and the light, in itself, such a poetic symphony speaking to  and ruling me daily. I strive to tell a story and create an inspiring photograph that not only do I hope speaks to the world, but continues to inspire me. You can often find me amid the ocean, the mountains, the trees, or riding horses, and of course listening to live music somewhere. I make my bed in Oakland, California and I am a sucker for assignments where I have the opportunity to travel, explore, and connect.